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Who Are We?

Founded on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in 2009, the whole foundation of our entire company is built on creativity, innovation and remarkable digital marketing skills. Since then, our team has been growing at a rapid rate, bringing our company to greater heights through our widened pool of experiences, talent, competency and passion. We have helped multiple small & medium business owners, and individuals achieve greater results from their online marketing campaigns – Providing world-class digital marketing strategies to help them generate more exposure and to reel in qualified leads to improve their sales.

From empowering over 30,000 people (and counting) through our various online training courses and from conducting live workshops and events, we have helped cultivate a growing community of aspiring entrepreneurs and savvy business owners who, with the internet, are able to reach a global audience quickly & affordably.

Our Mission

To help small & medium enterprise owners generate more leads & sales using the Internet.

Our Promise

To provide you with the resources & knowledge to help you increase leads, sales & profits for your business.

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How We Got Started

“Let me share with you about how my co-founder and I started with the world of digital marketing and how the Internet changed not only our business but our lives as well.

Back in 2006, I had stumbled upon the world of marketing and entrepreneurship when we were both studying in the National University of Singapore. That was when I was first exposed to the idea of starting an internet business and I spent a lot of time researching on the various internet marketing strategies to promote my business.

I’m happy to say that we’ve since transformed from small time student entrepreneurs to owning multiple successful businesses today that do a combined 7 figures a year in revenue. We continued with our business after we graduated and since then, our business has been experiencing steady revenue growth.

Almost 95% of all our customers are generated using the Internet. And that is the power of the internet. It levels the playing field and allows any business (be it online or offline) to reach out to a large target audience quickly and affordably.

We realized that a lot of small and medium enterprises are making costly mistakes with their digital marketing campaigns and we felt the pull to help and advise them on various ways they can succeed in their business endeavours.

So that’s the reason why we started Zion Global Marketing Pte Ltd because we know for a fact that there are many business owners out there who could benefit greatly from our knowledge and expertise in digital marketing.

We work with our clients to

  • Generate more exposure online through strategies like Facebook marketing & online media buying
  • Acquire high quality leads for their business
  • Improve their sales figures and increase their revenue

Our vision is to help you maximize your returns with the least effort and create opportunities for your business to grow and contribute back to the society in the form of your products and/or services.

If you’re interested to find out how we can help you generate more leads & customers through the Internet, we invite you to get in touch with us, to know us and our commitment & passion to creating a mutually beneficial working relationship with you.”

Calvin Woon, Founder & Principal Consultant

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6 Reasons Why We’re Your Best Bet To Help Your Business Grow


We Create Unlimited Global Exposure

We leverage on multiple advertising platforms like Facebook & Google to help create buzz, viral content and exposure online for your business

We Generate Super Qualified Leads

We are proud owners of a home-grown proven online lead acquisition recipe that is guaranteed to generate high quality leads who are interested in what you offer

Analyzing & Optimizing Is In Our Blood

Data is king when executing a marketing strategy. We do in depth analysis to understand how consumers react to your campaign and how we can optimize it to increase conversions in a cost efficient way

We Often Run World-Class Events

We frequently organize and execute large-scale events featuring some of the world’s biggest names, which can used as a medium to further increase your brand’s recognition


We Educate & Empower

We also specialize and conduct top notch training courses that’ll help you improve your acumen on marketing & advertising online, building you up to possess the skills valuable for your business


We're Creative & Innovative

As trendsetters, we are always overflowing with far out ideas that can help mould your digital presence and we’ll never be caught doing the same old thing. (Not your average, run of the mill, digital marketing agency)

Until our team releases our next project.

We are Awesome

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to
bring our clients the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

  • "Calvin and Patricia are one of the most authentic and talented couples on the face of this planet, where marketing is concerned. In fact, they are one of my most prized and valued marketing partners. We have jointly generated close to a six-figure revenue, when our marketing time together was literally less than 4 months. They are proactive, creative and effective… nothing short of phenomenal.  "
    Stuart TanStuart TanUltimate Alliance Consultancy Pte Ltd
  • "Patricia, Calvin, and the rest of the the team did a fantastic job for my company. The customer service was excellent and I never felt disconnected from the process.   In addition to the fabulous service, the results were well worth the small investment. Our website has gotten more exposure and even made it to Page 1 of the search engines. Their marketing reports are extremely well-done and contained all the necessary and pertinent information we needed.   Take advantage of their services and all they have to offer, you will enjoy the service and reap the rewards!"
    Allan MartinEntrepreneur, Tampa Bay, Florida
  • "Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin are the authentic deal when it comes to taking business and Internet Marketing advice. I have profited generously from working with him & he’s helped bring in tens of thousands of dollars for me. They are also truly likable people as they are down to-earth in spite of their rising success – a trait you rarely find among other successful entrepreneurs of the same status."
    Edmund LohEdmund LohDirector of Musemancer Marketing SDN BHD
  • “Calvin Woon is the definitive authority when it comes to marketing & sales. In the first year of engaging his company’s services, they’ve directly helped our business generate a revenue of over $300K. And this year, we are on track to increasing our revenue by a further 50% at least because of their services. They care a lot about their clients’ results and are constantly helping us generate more leads and customers. Hiring Zion Global Marketing has been the best decision for our business and I highly recommend their services & coaching!”
    Roy TayRoy TayDirector of Actions to Wealth Pte Ltd
  • "I just want to say THANK YOU for providing such a valuable and necessary service. You have taken my website from being barely visible to being seen and it saved me a ton of time in the process. That’s what I loved a lot about working with you. The time it saved me has allowed me to focus more on putting out valuable content for my customers while the tedious task of acquiring leads were handled by you and with great efficiency also. I saw a spike in enquiries within 48 hours and I made my first sale. Thanks so much for providing the service guys. Your service is valuable and absolutely necessary and I would like to see other business owners benefit from your services the way I have."
    Lyndon V IrvineLyndon V IrvineToronto Ontario, Canada
  • "They have helped us tremendously in generating additional targeted leads for one of our business units. In fact, in just our first month of working together, we have grossed over 6 figures in sales from the leads that they have generated for us! They’re definitely the real deal when it comes to online marketing & lead generation & I highly recommend their services."
    Ivan OngIvan OngExecutive Director of Digimatic Group Ltd

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