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We love digital marketing. In fact, you can say we’re obsessively passionate about it.

At Zion Global Marketing, we believe that there is a better way to do marketing. SEO, branding campaigns and boosting posts are all great - but we focus on creating marketing funnels that generate higher quality leads for less cost. We’re always up for a challenge, and we’re excited to share what we can do for your business.

Meet our founders

Calvin & Patricia

Co-Founders of WealthMastery.asia
Co-Founders of Zion Global Marketing

Two of most inspiring & authentic entrepreneurs you’ll ever meet

Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin are often regarded as one of the pioneers of digital marketing in Singapore...

And there’s a reason why.

13 years ago, making an income online was almost unheard of. This was the era of MySpace & Friendster.

So imagine, you have two average Singaporeans fresh out of NUS university...

While all their friends were going down the normal route, taking up jobs in large firms…

… They did something entirely different.

With only a small starting capital of $2,800 in their bank, they decided to start an online business - doing what?

… Helping others to sell software and products online.

All because they believed in the sheer power of the internet and ability to scale through digital marketing.

Despite being ridiculed as ‘stupid’ and ‘crazy’...

It actually worked!

Of course, they had to start from scratch. And it took many sleepless nights, a ton of crazy ideas and relentless experimenting…

... Until they came up with a solid eCommerce system.

Over time, they’ve realised they were great at it and so they started to expand...

To books, toys, electronics - businesses that went on to generate over $30 million in revenue to date.

They realized they had the skills not just to get results for their own business, but to teach others to do the same too.
So they started running their own training programs on digital marketing and ecommerce, including our own flagship ecom mastery program.

Overtime, other speakers and partners in the investing and business industry saw how we’re able to fill our webinars and events with hundreds of attendees consistently.

And wanted us to do the same for them too.

And that’s how we started using our skill-sets in paid ads and digital marketing...


Calvin & Patricia

Co-Founder of WealthMastery.asia
Co-Founder of Zion Global Marketing
As the founders of multiple online businesses, Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin are often regarded as one of the pioneers of digital marketing in Singapore.  

They started their first online business 12-13 years ago - and those businesses went on to generate close to $30 million in revenue to date. 

Calvin & Patricia - while being business owners, are also the parents of 2 kids

They understand how difficult it is to balance between raising a family and running a business - and are now conducting this free webinar to help others leverage online income-generating strategies for additional income, while having time for family or other important matters. 

Calvin & Patricia's Company Is Also The...

first Singaporean company

To Receive The Prestigious 
'2 Comma Club' Award!

John was also interviewed on local TV News Station, Channel News Asia, where he shared his business expertise
John shared the stage with renowned entrepreneurs at the Lifestyle Business Convention which was held in London

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