Contact us @ +65 6438 2135
Contact us @ +65 6438 2135
Join Us For An Exciting Career And In 1 Year, Fast-Track Your Way To Become An Innovator, Problem Solver… And Ultimately A Business Leader
To The Zion Global Marketing (ZGM) Management Trainee Program Where We Groom Future Leaders
As part of the program, you will undergo 1-year of intensive training designed to impart you with the skills to:
Take on multiple roles within the Marketing, Operations, Sales, Finance & Human Resource departments to develop a deep understanding of how a fast-growing business is run
Develop your own style of leadership for you to effectively build, motivate and manage a team under your care

Innovate, strategize & create new systems that will enhance the performance of the business as a whole, further driving sales & profitability
Strengthen and further develop the culture of the team to cultivate a perfect working environment that is inclusive, productive and cheerful
Thrive in an international work environment where you’ll be expected to meet & communicate with people from different countries - and also get the opportunity to travel
Isn’t Achieved Alone - Start Your Journey Together With Zion Global Marketing
Let’s get into a bit of background -
We are a Singapore-based digital marketing company, founded in 2009 and has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, built with an awesome culture!
Since then, ZGM has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry - while keeping a lean team built on an awesome culture that you’ll get to experience from day 1!
What We Do
ZGM has changed the digital marketing landscape in Singapore, and will continue to do so worldwide. 

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in business like Sir Richard Branson and Kevin Harrington… and influential persons like Mary Buffett, Vishen Lakhiani, Robert G. Allen, Kane & Alessia Minkus.. 
… And we have established a global presence - having worked in the following countries:
USA, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taipei, Japan, Manila, Brunei and many more!
As our company grows, we’re on the hunt for new, future leaders who are willing to take charge as our team pushes to break even more boundaries!
Explore What Happens In 1 Year, As You Join Us… And Emerge As A Leader
It’s no secret;
Trainees will work incredibly hard during this period to emerge as a full-fledged leader. Rest assured as long as you put in the work, we will pour all our resources necessary for your success.
Our Departments
You will go through the different core facets of our business - Marketing, Sales & Operations and receive in-house training from the company’s management team.


As part of a digital marketing company, you will be expected to develop a skillset in digital marketing. 

Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram - learn how we create irresistible marketing campaigns on these platforms to find high quality leads, customers and businesses.


Growing into a future leader also means you’ll have to be savvy with numbers - and you should be able to plan and strategize to push for higher profits. 

Master the art of sales, find out what makes people tick - and learn how we maintain a profitable relationship with all our stakeholders.


No company can function properly without a strong, operations team. 

You’ll be expected to learn how to optimise systems and processes that have been created to cope with the high demands of our day-to-day operations.

At the end of the program...
We’ll find out what you’re passionate about and where you excel in - and if all goes well, you’ll be on track to be a full-fledged leader on the management team of a multi-million dollar company! 
Only The Curious, Ambitious And Serious Need Apply
This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity isn’t for everyone.
We look for the highest standards, especially in our future leaders. We look beyond top grades and book-smarts - instead we’re on the lookout for these qualities:
 You Must Be Naturally Curious
“Why don’t we try it this way?” - that’s the type of pioneering spirit that we want. Be bold and willing to try new things, and don’t be afraid of questioning the norm - because businesses thrive on experimentation.
 You Must Enjoy Learning About Different Facets Of Business
We’re not just looking for a “jack of all trades” - rather, you should be passionate about integrating into all core facets of our company, and you should develop a keen understanding of each.
 You Don’t Back Down From Challenges
The ZGM Management Trainee Program will NOT be a walk in the park. In ZGM, we love challenges that push boundaries and spark innovation. Likewise, you will be constantly challenged to prepare you as a future leader.
Is Crucial To Creating Effective Leaders
Been there, done that;
Meet some of the current leaders of ZGM, many of whom started out like you - students or fresh graduates - and progressed to become experts and leaders in their respective fields.
Zachary Young
Head of Strategy & Marketing
What’s attractive about the ZGM Management Trainee Program?
Probably the speed and intensity of the program. In other places, people can work for years and years with no opportunity of a leadership position in sight. This program teaches you all you need to know to become a leader within 1 year - provided you can keep up!
What advice do you have for current graduates?
Don’t limit yourself to just one skillset - businesses today appreciate and hire people who are versatile and excel in multiple roles.
Shannon Goh
Assistant Operations & Sales Manager
What’s attractive about the ZGM Management Trainee Program?
As someone who started working for ZGM since being a student years ago, I can say that simply having the opportunity to learn and excel in different aspects of business is a huge advantage that you’ll have over your peers.
What advice do you have for current graduates?
Just because others are taking the conventional career route doesn’t mean it’s the best one… be willing to take risks!
Max Koh
What’s attractive about the ZGM Management Trainee Program?
The amount of access you’ll have to the current leaders of ZGM alone already makes the program worth it. You’ll get to tap on years and years of experience… and to me that’s really all that matters!
What advice do you have for current graduates?
Everyone has to start somewhere - but don’t be afraid of seeking out big opportunities… you’ll never know what kind of success you’ll find!
Find Out If You’re A Suitable Match To Become A Future Leader In ZGM
If you’ve read all the way to this part…
You’re probably excited about the program! Please take a look at the following requirements to see if you’re a suitable candidate:
  •  Fresh graduates with a bachelor’s degree (any discipline) from a good university
  •  Less than 3 years of full-time working experience
  •  Strong interest in marketing and sales will be an advantage
  •  You should possess outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills
  •  You should be resourceful, tough and resilient - qualities needed to excel in our fast-paced industry
  •  Flexibility and willingness to work both in and out of the office as travel may be required
Go For It!
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