Career Description
Hi there. We are from Zion Global Marketing, and we are a Singaporean company specializing in lead generation, digital marketing, and Direct-Response Copywriting.

Perhaps you've seen our strong presence on Facebook, or on other online marketing channels through our subsidiaries such as & etc?

That's because we are known by many as Singapore's #1 Digital Marketing And Lead-Generation company.
Our whole team eats, breathes & lives DIGITAL MARKETING.

Because it has helped us grow from a tiny, 2-man operation... into a 7-figure a year business with multiple clients all around the world...

BUT as a rapidly growing marketing company...

We understand the one thing that 90% of startups & companies often fail to realize:
"Sales is one of the most important foundations if you want to build a successful business!"
So If You...
  • You have an ability to build rapport with people quickly & easily
  • You know how to close sales smoothly and make people feel comfortable buying from you
  • You are NOT afraid of resistance and can even turn it into sales
  • You know how to handle customer objections calmly & confidently
  • You have a passion for meeting new people, influencing them, and closing them....
Brief Job Description As A 
"Sales Superstar"
  • Help individuals come to a concrete decision regarding their purchasing choice, without coming across as too pushy or annoying.
  • Explain our bestselling programs to participants at our numerous live events, and show them clearly how they benefit from these programs
  • Make calls to follow up with red hot leads right after the events, and close them while they're still warm
  • Take highly interested prospects through a consultative sales process, understand their challenges and objections, and turn it into desire for our products
  • Assist our customers to make & complete their payment, with minimal friction and speed humps
When You Become Part Of Our Team,
Here Are The Added Benefits You Can Expect To Receive!
Exciting Commissions, Attractive Salary & Eye Catching Bonuses!

We understand that a superstar salesperson would help the company bring in huge revenue… thus we don't hold back when it comes to rewarding you.

With attractive commissions, salaries, and bonuses… you can be sure that you'll be fairly rewarded for your results too.

    Be Part Of A DYNAMIC Team... Where Fun & Work Are
    Equally Important!

    At Zion Global Marketing, we value two things above everything else...

    Our staff, and our company culture!

    You can expect to be surrounded by positive, supportive and encouraging individuals who make up the core of the company.

    Young (at heart) and hardworking, we know how to deliver results... and at the same time have a blast doing so!

    Take Your (Already Amazing) Selling Skills To An Even Higher Level!

    Be mentored in the ways of sales grandmasters such as Grant Cardone, Jordon Belfort… and many more!

    At our company, we truly believe in investing in our people. 

    Thus, we constantly invest time and money to upgrade our salespeople and ensure they grow to become one of the best closers in the industry!

    Be Part Of A Driven Team That OVERDELIVERS...
     & Celebrates Together!

    Want to know the secret to our success?

    Our driven team of talented individuals always strive to OVERDELIVER in everything we do!

    From running an event, to maintaining great relationships with clients, to even a friendly game of Poker...

    We always give it our all, so that we can CELEBRATE our success together as a team!

    You Will ALWAYS Be
    Learning And Growing

    At Zion Global Marketing, we believe in empowering every individual to grow to their fullest potential.

    You will be pushed to be constantly learning, and along the way you will definitely acquire skills that will be powerful in your personal AND professional development!

    We want to understand what motivates you... and ultimately what makes YOU unique!

    Members Of Our Team Are Constantly Given Opportunities To Grow
    And Here's What They Have To Tell You!
    Be In Charge Of Real Projects & Get To Work With Celebrities!

    You’ll get the chance to fully implement what you’ll be learning on the real life projects that you’ll be put in charge of.

    See the impact that you are creating with your skills & knowledge!

    Not only that, we've worked closely with influential people and celebrities like Michelle Chong, Buffett family, Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley and Robert G. Allen....

    To MULTIPLY OUR IMPACT to the world!

    Be Personally Coached &
     Mentored By The Best

    You’ll be personally mentored by experienced entrepreneurs as you’ll be working closely with us and the dynamic team that we’re building.

    So if you believe in working for knowledge and working for experience and you believe in learning and growing… There will be AMPLE opportunities for you.

    Work Right In The Heart Of The CBD!

    Be immersed in the hustle-and-bustle of the CBD area!

    With our office right-smack in the middle of Raffles Place, you can definitely expect:

    Convenience... great food... an ideal location... an energizing environment...a SHORT 3 minutes away from Raffles Place MRT...

    Could you ask for an even better location?

    And Lastly... Join Us In Our Brand NEW,
    Cosy Office!

    Zion Global Marketing is not just a young company, but we are a FAST-growing team of unique individuals!

    Our accomplishments have landed us a brand NEW office - designed to be cosy, inspiring... and simply a GREAT place to work in!

    With a swanky new office... a great location... and an AWESOME team to work with, what more could you ask for?

    Career Requirements
    • Exhibit a strong interest in sales and customer psychology
    • Versatile and able to sell products across various industries
    • Willingness to learn about new products and understand how they benefit customers
    • Has past experience in selling and closing clients
    • Comfortable with striking up conversations with strangers and moving them towards buying products
    • Responsible and self-motivated
    • Able to start work immediately

    How To Join The Team

    Contact Details

    Think you're a right fit for the job?

    If you are looking for a new working experience, and are interested to join a fast growing digital marketing firm...

    Do email us at:

    Please include this in your subject line: "APPLICATION FOR SUPERSTAR SALESPERSON".

    Fresh graduates are welcome to apply!

    Emails with resume attached will have immediate consideration.