Lead Generation

We generate high quality leads who are interested in what you have to offer
through our effective online lead acquisition methods.

If you’ve made it this far into our website and you still don’t have the faintest idea what Lead Generation…

Don’t worry.

All you need to know is that it’s just a marketing process that uses digital channels & platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, Google) to capture targeted consumers’ interest in products or services you have to offer, with the sole purpose of eventually turning them into a sale.

So why is Lead Generation important?

Because when you have a list of leads who are already interested in what you are offering, your success rate of converting them into buyers is so much higher.

Gone are the days where you have to cold call unqualified people that’ll end you up with zero sales, wasted time, money and effort.

Because at Zion Global Marketing, we specialize in generating top qualified leads for many of our clients from many industries like Education, Finance, Beauty, and many more.

With the ever-changing landscape of the internet, we’ve kept our strategies on acquiring leads up-to-date, ensuring you stay competitive in the market.

Your potential leads and buyers are out there, but it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack when you resort to acquire them through conventional methods.

It’s only through Lead Generation, that you can sieve them out.

Benefits Of Using Our Lead Generation Service

Less Work

Why spend so much sweat and effort sourcing out for customers or prospects when we can just bring them directly to you, hassle free? You can throw your “Website Design For Dummies” away because with our online expertise and highly optimized websites, you don’t need to manually work on your website or revamp to bring in leads! Leave it all to us.

Eliminate Struggle

If you have a pretty decent website for your business but it isn’t bringing in any enquiries or sales because you struggle to drive traffic to it, then you definitely need our service. Allow us to help you generate powerful leads for your business and end the struggle of finding leads on your own!

More Targeted Leads

We’ve worked with many companies from different industries and after years of internet lead generation experience, we understand how consumers behave in each individual industry. With that, we are able to obtain highly targeted leads for, leads who are specifically seeking solutions that your business provides.

Increased Sales & Profit

There are so many people on the internet and it’s close to impossible to know who is ready to buy or who is just browsing. But with our enhanced lead generation services, you never have to worry about that and you can efficiently channel all your time & resources on selling to the freshly acquired leads we found for you.

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Our Services

We specifically rely on digital marketing strategies like Facebook Marketing & online media buying to help our clients generate more exposure and acquire quality leads and sales online for their business.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

We offer enhanced lead acquisition services that will generate highly qualified leads for you, allowing you to focus on selling to these fresh, well-primed leads

Branding & Communication

Branding & Communication

Need a beautiful new website and a spanking new social media page to capture audiences online in this digital era? Leave the creation to us and we’ll help build up your brand image

Training & Consultation

Training & Consultation

Take your online marketing skills to the next level with our world-class trainings on how you can attract high-value customers using a step-by-step online traffic generation strategy

Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution

Never blindly run a marketing campaign ever again when we expertly analyze your marketing objectives, and come up with a marketing strategy for you or your team to execute

6 Reasons Why We’re Your Best Bet To Help Your Business Grow


We Create Unlimited Global Exposure

We leverage on multiple advertising platforms like Facebook & Google to help create buzz, viral content and exposure online for your business



We Generate Super Qualified Leads

We are proud owners of a home-grown proven online lead acquisition recipe that is guaranteed to generate high quality leads who are interested in what you offer



Analyzing & Optimizing Is In Our Blood

Data is king when executing a marketing strategy. We do in depth analysis to understand how consumers react to your campaign and how we can optimize it to increase conversions in a cost efficient way

We Educate & Empower

We also specialize and conduct top notch training courses that’ll help you improve your acumen on marketing & advertising online, building you up to possess the skills valuable for your business



We're Creative & Innovative

As trendsetters, we are always overflowing with far out ideas that can help mould your digital presence and we’ll never be caught doing the same old thing. (Not your average, run of the mill, digital marketing agency)



We Often Run World-Class Events

We frequently organize and execute large-scale events featuring some of the world’s biggest names, which can used as a medium to further increase your brand’s recognition

What our clients say about us

  • “Calvin Woon is the definitive authority when it comes to marketing & sales. In the first year of engaging his company’s services, they’ve directly helped our business generate a revenue of over $300K. And this year, we are on track to increasing our revenue by a further 50% at least because of their services. They care a lot about their clients’ results and are constantly helping us generate more leads and customers. Hiring Zion Global Marketing has been the best decision for our business and I highly recommend their services & coaching!”
    Roy TayRoy TayDirector of Actions to Wealth Pte Ltd
  • "They have helped us tremendously in generating additional targeted leads for one of our business units. In fact, in just our first month of working together, we have grossed over 6 figures in sales from the leads that they have generated for us! They’re definitely the real deal when it comes to online marketing & lead generation & I highly recommend their services."
    Ivan OngIvan OngExecutive Director of Digimatic Group Ltd
  • "Calvin and Patricia are one of the most authentic and talented couples on the face of this planet, where marketing is concerned. In fact, they are one of my most prized and valued marketing partners. We have jointly generated close to a six-figure revenue, when our marketing time together was literally less than 4 months. They are proactive, creative and effective… nothing short of phenomenal.  "
    Stuart TanStuart TanUltimate Alliance Consultancy Pte Ltd
  • "Hi Patricia & Calvin! I am amazed and stunned by the effectiveness of your service. After working with you, my website is gaining more hits even though there are like 6.8 million competing pages on the web! You have a customer for life as not only has your services been extremely effective for me, but your customer service is excellent and you and your team are great to work with! Thanks again."
    Christine LeeseCCL Ventures, LLC
  • "Calvin Woon & Patricia Lin are the authentic deal when it comes to taking business and Internet Marketing advice. I have profited generously from working with him & he’s helped bring in tens of thousands of dollars for me. They are also truly likable people as they are down to-earth in spite of their rising success – a trait you rarely find among other successful entrepreneurs of the same status."
    Edmund LohEdmund LohDirector of Musemancer Marketing SDN BHD
  • "Patricia, Calvin, and the rest of the the team did a fantastic job for my company. The customer service was excellent and I never felt disconnected from the process.   In addition to the fabulous service, the results were well worth the small investment. Our website has gotten more exposure and even made it to Page 1 of the search engines. Their marketing reports are extremely well-done and contained all the necessary and pertinent information we needed.   Take advantage of their services and all they have to offer, you will enjoy the service and reap the rewards!"
    Allan MartinEntrepreneur, Tampa Bay, Florida

Case Studies

Learning Out Of The Box

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A coaching centre that’s focused on improving primary school kids’ Mathematics results in a short period of time.

They are no ordinary tuition centre. They believe each child is different and different teaching techniques need to be applied to suit their specific learning styles and abilities.

Lessons are catered around a child’s character and abilities and they can turn a “math hater into a math lover” with their fun and exciting lesson plans.

Their learning model has gotten so popular that they’ve been featured in various local medias like LianHe Wanbao & Singapore Press Holding’s The New Paper. And even international medias like CCTV News (China) & TV Tokyo (Japan)

With their company and operations growing steadily over the years, generating leads on their own became very time-consuming for them. While they see the importance in generating leads, they are unable to sacrifice the time needed to properly run the coaching centre.

That’s where we came in.

Lead Generation Campaign Goals:

1. Generate a stream of enquiries from primary school parents for a phone consultation

2. Increase the quality of leads to improve likelihood of the lead converting into a sale

Campaign Process:

1. Built and designed a brand new, full length, salescopy from scratch to be integrated into a marketing funnel

2. Utilized Facebook Advertising to drive highly targeted traffic to the sales copy

3. Analyzed & Optimized adverts to improve conversion rates and to maximize marketing budget efficiently


1. Generated a steady flow of leads coming in daily through the funnel

2. Increased in the number of parents requesting for a consultation

3. Relatively cheaper cost to generate these leads than from previous marketing campaigns run by themselves


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InMIF, Innovative Method In Finance, is a social enterprise aimed to advocate Financial Literacy Education to the public through seminars and workshops.

They believe financial literacy is an essential life skill that impacts a person’s life greatly. Hence,
most of their public seminars are free to attend, and they get well-known experts to talk at these events to share their knowledge.

They’ve enriched thousands of Singaporeans with wealth management concepts & are highly sought-after.

With that, they’re constantly looking for young Singaporeans to join their leading team of Financial Consultants to further spread financial literacy and planning to the public.

Lead Generation Campaign Goals:

1. Generate a list of qualified leads interested in joining InMIF’s team of Financial Consultants for a digital recruitment campaign

2.Provide very targeted leads to improve likelihood of appointment showups

Campaign Process:

1. Research and crafting of sales copy to be integrated into a marketing funnel

2. Writing of video script and filming for an introductory video to be inserted in sales copy

3. Video editing and designing the sales copy on a webpage

4. Creating ad copy and creating graphics for Facebook Adverts to drive highly targeted traffic to the sales copy

5. Analyzed & optimized adverts to improve conversion rates and to maximize marketing budget efficiently


1. Generated a total of over 300 leads for InMIF

2. Successfully recruited 10 consultants in just 2 months

3. Cheaper cost to generate these leads than going through traditional recruitment channels

Hair Inc.

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Specializing in treating and restoring damaged hair, Hair Inc prides itself with their award-winning treatment program that’s proven to give you softer, healthy and shinier hair.

Being the first ever salon to specialize in anti-frizz treatment in Singapore, they are known to repair any damaged hair caused by rebonding, colouring, bleaching, after just one session.

Over the past 3 years, their clientele and operations grew, allowing them to open a second outlet right in the heart of Holland Village, the first being in Serangoon.

This meant they were unable to actively source for new clients while juggling two outlets at the same time – thus, turning to us for a lead generation campaign.

Lead Generation Campaign Goals:

1. Generate an increase in the number of phone/walk-in appointments at their outlets

2.To generate a database of potential leads who are interested in hair care/beauty for future capitalization (Broadcast any future promotions to them)

Campaign Process:

1. Create and design a squeeze page for an existing Hair Inc promotion/voucher for people to indicate their interest

2. Wrote several follow-up email sequences (that were sent 2-3 days apart) to further entice and remind people to use the promotion they indicated interest for

3. Design eye-catching Facebook Adverts to drive highly targeted traffic to the squeeze page

4. Analyzed & optimized adverts to improve conversion rates and to maximize marketing budget efficiently


1. Generated over 2000 leads within a month of the campaign

2.  Increased in the number appointments and sales for the month

3.  Expanded the number of subscribers in Hair Inc’s database to a 5-figure number