Career Description
Here at Zion Global Marketing, we believe in connecting, educating & empowering individuals through unforgettable events. We take pride in working with the best talents to create world-class event experiences.

As an Events Assistant, your main task is to be part of a dynamic team, representing our company at our events and being the face of this company.
Help us spread a positive message to those around us to share WHAT we believe and value and WHY we do what we do!

If you too, just like us, have a passion for running unforgettable events, then...
Brief Job Description As A 
Events Assistant (Part-Time)
  • Call attendees before the event to drop them a friendly reminder
  • Assist in pre-event and actual day set-up to cultivate a positive environment
  • Help out with registration during events to make attendees feel welcomed
When You Become Part Of Our Team,
Here Are The Added Benefits You Can Expect To Receive!
Be Part Of A DYNAMIC Team... Where Fun & Work Are
Equally Important!

You’ll be part of a company which is truly adding value to society and changing lives through the events and content we roll out every single week.

So if you believe in making a positive difference and contribution to this world, you’ll be part of this powerful mission our company is embarking on!

    Develop Communication Skills

    You’ll have the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life from the many events we run. You'll meet top professionals, dynamic youth, inspirational leaders as well as highly experienced retirees with a ton to share. These are the people who walk through our doors.

    Gain valuable experience learning to interact with all and gain confidence in face to face communication.  If you wish to get out of your comfort zone, our supportive environment is for you!

    Flexible Working Arrangements

    We've got a flexible working arrangement in place that allows you to plan your schedules ahead of time! This allows you to spend time gaining work experience while pursuing other interests in life - such as your studies, family or even business.

    Assignments are on weekday evenings and weekends.

    Be Part Of A Driven Team That OVERDELIVERS...
     & Celebrates Together!

    Want to know the secret to our success?

    Our driven team of talented individuals always strive to OVERDELIVER in everything we do!

    From running an event, to maintaining great relationships with clients, to even a friendly game of Poker...

    We always give it our all, so that we can CELEBRATE our success together as a team!

    Meet Influential Individuals...
    And Even Work With Celebrities!

    Play a part in helping out at dozens of events where you'll have the opportunity to meet with celebrities!

    We've worked closely with influential people and celebrities like Michelle Chong, Daniel Ong, Buffett family, Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley and Robert G. Allen....

    And we have a whole lot more powerhouse names at our upcoming events!

    Ample Opportunities Await

    You'll be working closely with us and the dynamic team that we’re building. Hence, you'll get first hand experience in event management & crowd management and plan our events together with us!

    So if you believe in working for knowledge and working for experience and you believe in learning and growing… There will be AMPLE opportunities for you.

    And Lastly... Join Us In Our Brand NEW,
    Cosy Office!

    Zion Global Marketing is not just a young company, but we are a FAST-growing team of unique individuals!

    Our accomplishments have landed us a brand NEW office - designed to be cosy, inspiring... and simply a GREAT place to work in!

    With a swanky new office... a great location... and an AWESOME team to work with, what more could you ask for?

    Career Requirements
    • Able to work on weekday nights (6PM-10PM) or weekends
    • Able to communicate well for both face to face and telephone interactions
    • Enthusiastic personality & enjoy engaging with people
    • Current students from Tertiary Institutions are welcomed to apply

    How To Join The Team

    Contact Details

    Think you're a right fit for the job?

    If you are looking for a new working experience, and are interested to join a fast growing digital marketing firm...

    Do email us at:

    Please include this in your subject line: "APPLICATION FOR EVENTS ASSISTANT".

    Students, interns and ORD-ed NS men are welcome to apply!

    Emails with resume attached will have immediate consideration.