Career Description
Here at Zion Global Marketing, we believe in connecting, educating & empowering individuals through unforgettable events. We take pride in working with the best talents to create world-class event experiences.

As an Events Executive with us, you will be headlining our company's events - from small-scale, intimate workshops, to huge seminars with crowds in the thousands.

You will definitely also have opportunities to travel!

At Zion Global Marketing, we take a different approach when it comes to work - it should not just be a 9-5 job... coming in to the office should be something you look forward to every morning!

If you want to know more about us, here's a sneak peek at our company & culture:
Your Responsibilities As An Events Executive
  • Plan and develop event strategies, and set creative vision to make every event exciting and engaging
  • Foster a positive relationship with our clients, whether it's before, during or after our events
  • From celebrities to world-renowned speakers, you will be closely liaising with them to ensure that their needs & expectations are met
  • Ensure that the logistics for the company's events are in order, and accounted for
  • Lead and direct a team of Event Assistants to successfully meet event objectives
  • Ultimately, you will play a crucial role in the success of our events - whether it's in the planning, execution, or post-event stage of any event
Career Requirements
When You Become Part Of Our Team,
Here Are The Added Benefits You Can Expect To Receive!
Be Part Of A DYNAMIC Team... Where Fun & Work Are
Equally Important!

At Zion Global Marketing, we value two things above everything else...

Our staff, and our company culture!

You can expect to be surrounded by positive, supportive and encouraging individuals who make up the core of the company.

Young (at heart) and hardworking, we know how to deliver results... and at the same time have a blast doing so!

    Meet Influential Individuals...
    And Even Work With Celebrities!

    As an Events Executive with us, you can definitely expect to work closely with renowned individuals.

    Yes, that's our team at an event with Michelle Chong!

    We've worked with the Buffett family, Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley and Robert G. Allen to name a few...

    And we have a whole lot more powerhouse names at our upcoming events!

    Be A Positive Impact To THOUSANDS

    At Zion Global Marketing, we don't just run ordinary events...

    Our events EMPOWER individuals, giving you the ability to positively impact the lives of thousands!

    From educational seminars to content-packed workshops, you can expect to deliver great content. 

    And maybe even.. you can even get to pick up some life-changing skills along the way!

    Be Part Of A Driven Team That OVERDELIVERS...
     & Celebrates Together!

    Want to know the secret to our success?

    Our driven team of talented individuals always strive to OVERDELIVER in everything we do!

    From running an event, to maintaining great relationships with clients, to even a friendly game of Poker...

    We always give it our all, so that we can CELEBRATE our success together as a team!

    You Will ALWAYS Be
    Learning And Growing

    At Zion Global Marketing, we believe in empowering every individual to grow to their fullest potential.

    You will be pushed to be constantly learning, and along the way you will definitely acquire skills that will be powerful in your personal AND professional development!

    We want to understand what motivates you... and ultimately what makes YOU unique!

    Be A Part Of Events That Reach A WORLDWIDE Audience...

    Our events team have been a part of ground-breaking events WORLDWIDE.

    We've been to Switzerland, The United States, Bangkok, Malaysia... and YOU will also get the chance to experience what it's like to bring our events overseas!

    And did we also mention... that you will also get the opportunity to TRAVEL?

    Be Personally Coached &
     Mentored By The Best

    As an Events Executive, you will be learning from our Event Managers who have managed dozens of events!

    From events where THOUSANDS of people registered, to events where we had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with celebrities, our team definitely has the experience groom you to perfection.

    We will be providing with the encouragement and mentorship you need...

    So that YOU will eventually be able to manage and run your very own kick-ass events!

    Work Right In The Heart Of The CBD!

    Be immersed in the hustle-and-bustle of the CBD area!

    With our office right-smack in the middle of Raffles Place, you can definitely expect:

    Convenience... great food... an ideal location... an energizing environment...a SHORT 3 minutes away from Raffles Place MRT...

    Could you ask for an even better location?

    And Lastly... Join Us In Our Brand NEW,
    Cosy Office!

    Zion Global Marketing is not just a young company, but we are a FAST-growing team of unique individuals!

    Our accomplishments have landed us a brand NEW office - designed to be cosy, inspiring... and simply a GREAT place to work in!

    With a swanky new office... a great location... and an AWESOME team to work with, what more could you ask for?

    Members Of Our Team Are Constantly Given Opportunities To Grow 
    And Here's What They Have To Tell You!
    Camillie Galvez
    Admin & Events Executive
    Each day is filled with excitement and new challenges, and there is never a day where I dread going to work.
    I have been with Zion Global Marketing for almost 2 years, and I have never looked back. Each day is filled with excitement and new challenges, and there is never a day where I dread going to work.

    I appreciate the company for its amazing culture and equally awesome opportunities. Despite being a growing company of young, passionate individuals, the events we carry out are on a massive scale. For instance, we just had an event which was graced with celebrity entrepreneur Michelle Chong, and many other international entrepreneurs.

    We take tremendous pride in our events, bringing in huge names such as Robert G. Allen, and even Mary Buffett. While I do enjoy meeting these world-renowned speakers, what really keeps me going in Zion Global Marketing is the team's devotion to carrying out world-class events.

    I have learnt so many valuable skills just by being in this company, and I have even had the chance to take on the role of "Events Manager" for certain important events, and opportunity which really helped me grow as an individual.

    If you are looking for a fulfilling career as an Events Executive that will provide invaluable learning opportunities, then I believe that Zion Global Marketing is the choice for you!
    Eric Ko
    Events & Operations Executive
     I have been given tremendous opportunities to develop my skills and strengths...I'm most grateful to be recognized for my strengths
    When I joined Zion Global Marketing in November 2014, I honestly did not expect to grow so much as an individual.

    I say this because I have been given tremendous opportunities to develop my skills and strengths. In fact, what I am most grateful for in Zion Global Marketing is that each individual's strengths are recognized, and fully utilized.

    For example, I have helped to plan, coordinate and facilitate countless massive-scale events in a short-span of two years. It was daunting at first, but I feel that I could not have asked for a better opportunity to further develop my abilities.

    The working culture in Zion Global Marketing is also truly AWESOME! We are a young, dynamic and energetic team, and we truly know how to have FUN! We regularly go out of the office together, whether it's for a simple dinner, or whether it's to spend an entire day at Sentosa.

    Being an Events Executive at Zion Global Marketing is truly an eye-opening experience... and I mean that in the most positive way! If you want to work with an amazing team of passionate individuals to create the most awesome events... then I think that you should join us today!

    How To Join The Team

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