Career Description
Hi there. Do you see that bunch of wacky, crazy, and fun-addicts in the video above?

That's us, from the family here at Zion Global Marketing. 

We are a Singaporean company specializing in lead generation, digital marketing, Direct-Response Copywriting and most importantly...
Content-Based Marketing!
Perhaps you've seen our strong presence on Facebook, or on other online marketing channels through our subsidiaries such as & etc?

That's because we are known by many as Singapore's #1 Digital Marketing And Lead-Generation company.
How did we achieve this?
We write a ton of high-quality content that readers can benefit from
We invest lots of resources and effort... to train our team of world-class writers and marketers... to consistently produce content that the audience is craving for
We ensure the content we create is being seen by tens of thousands of targeted, hungry readers every month!
So if you're a superstar who...
1. Has a burning passion for writing and creating content... to inspire and educate people in topics like investing, entrepreneurship, personal finance, and personal development
2. Wants to master powerful strategies in the areas of digital... and social media marketing... and learn how to get your content in front of tens of thousands of targeted, hungry readers every month
3. Believes in working hard and playing hard... enjoys working in a close-knitted family of superstars... and has a fun, wacky, crazy personality, then...
Brief Job Description As A 
"Content Marketer"
  • Write content for our online portals related to investing, entrepreneurship & personal finance
  • Conduct interviews with successful individuals to be used as content
  • Promote blog posts to increase readership on content portals
  • Create short reports & whitepapers to be used for lead generation purposes
  • Manage our pool of freelance content contributors & co-ordinate content posting schedule
Tactics & Strategies You'll Get When You Join Us As A 
"Content Marketer"
The Best Content & Headlines
Learn how to craft the best content articles and headlines that'll make readers curious and excited to dive in and read
Critical Elements Within An Article
Which 3 critical elements you absolutely must have within your content to ensure your readers get value from it
Secrets To Going Viral
Get the inside scoop on what makes an article go VIRAL and the types of images you should never use if you want your article to be shared more
With all the strategies we personally share with our elite team of Content Marketers...

You can expect to produce world-class content that gets noticed by THE WORLD!
When You Become Part Of Our Team,
Here Are The Added Benefits You Can Expect To Receive!
Master PERSUASIVE Writing Techniques

Always wanted to take your writing skills to the next level?

In our company, we don't just produce boring content where no one ever reads. 

Instead, we create engaging & persuasive content... That rakes in leads and sales in the 6 to 7-figure range for our clients! 

This helps you understand how to motivate people to act, and helps you master effective persuasive writing techniques that gets results!

Be Part Of A DYNAMIC Team... Where Fun & Work Are
Equally Important!

At Zion Global Marketing, we value two things above everything else...

Our staff, and our company culture!

You can expect to be surrounded by positive, supportive and encouraging individuals who make up the core of the company.

Young (at heart) and hardworking, we know how to deliver results... and at the same time have a blast doing so!

    Be Part Of A Driven Team That OVERDELIVERS...
     & Celebrates Together!

    Want to know the secret to our success?

    Our driven team of talented individuals always strive to OVERDELIVER in everything we do!

    From running an event, to maintaining great relationships with clients, to even a friendly game of Poker...

    We always give it our all, so that we can CELEBRATE our success together as a team!

    Be A Positive Impact To THOUSANDS

    At Zion Global Marketing, we run events that EMPOWER individuals, giving you the ability to positively impact the lives of thousands!

    From educational seminars to content-packed workshops, you can expect to deliver great content. 

    And maybe even.. you could get to pick up some life-changing skills along the way!

    You Will ALWAYS Be
    Learning And Growing

    At Zion Global Marketing, we believe in empowering every individual to grow to their fullest potential.

    You will be pushed to be constantly learning, and along the way you will definitely acquire skills that will be powerful in your personal AND professional development!

    We want to understand what motivates you... and ultimately what makes YOU unique!

    Members Of Our Team Are Constantly Given Opportunities To Grow
    And Here's What They Have To Tell You!
    Chan Hao Wai, 
    Marketing Intern
    This working environment gives me anticipation when I enter the office every morning, excited to learn something new
    If there was one regret I must mention about being in this company, it would be that I was not able to stay longer. 

    In Zion Global Marketing, the exposure I received was more than i ever imagined when I applied for the internship. Being a marketing intern, I have been given the opportunity to learn how to write persuasive ads that are targeted at thousands and see our projects come to fruition when the results were generated. 

    Being an A level graduate waiting for university admission, I entered this company with no practical skills that could help contribute to this company, needless to say any marketing experience. 

    However, Zion Global Marketing has provided me with all that and taught me everything I needed to know. Therefore, for anyone out there afraid to take the first step because of a lack in experience, I strongly urge you to join Zion Global Marketing to gain the only experience you will ever need!
    Max Koh,
    Marketing Manager
    I've learned tons of copywriting, marketing & direct-response strategies from real world marketing campaigns that I wouldn't get anywhere else but here at Zion Global
    I had been working part-time for Zion Global Marketing for a few years before this... writing sales copies and direct-response materials for them.

    When I graduated from uni in early 2015, I was faced with a crossroad option - should I take up other job offers that I landed, or pursue direct-response copywriting with Zion.

    I thought long and hard... really long and hard...

    About what excuse I should give the other companies and job offers to decline them!

    Naturally, the decision was easy for me, because during the few years of working with Zion as a copywriter (while I was still studying), I had already learnt so much from the REAL projects, REAL clients, and REAL marketing campaigns!

    If you want to become a textbook copywriter, then go buy some thousand dollar course or video series teaching copywriting.

    But, if you truly want to become a master... a real ass-kicker in the world of direct-response... someone who can make people take action and move them based on your words and writing alone...

    Then NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, comes close to real world experience.
    And this is what I have gained from Zion Global Marketing.

    Obviously, I signed on full-time with them immediately after graduation... and guess what, I was so excited to start work that I didn't even go for my graduation trip!

    Sounds crazy? Perhaps.

    But the TONS of direct-response strategies, copywriting methods, and conversion tactics I'm learning EVERYDAY from REAL-WORLD marketing campaigns is even crazier.

    And because of that - it's worth it.
    Craft Content That'll Reach A WORLDWIDE Audience...

    We've organized ground-breaking events WORLDWIDE, dominating territories like Switzerland, The United States, Bangkok, Malaysia!

    How does that sound? Knowing your campaigns and ideas are seen all across the world?

    Be Personally Coached &
     Mentored By The Best

    You’ll be personally mentored by experienced entrepreneurs as you’ll be working closely with us and the dynamic team that we’re building.

    So if you believe in working for knowledge and working for experience and you believe in learning and growing… There will be AMPLE opportunities for you.

    Work Right In The Heart Of The CBD!

    Be immersed in the hustle-and-bustle of the CBD area!

    With our office right-smack in the middle of Raffles Place, you can definitely expect:

    Convenience... great food... an ideal location... an energizing environment...a SHORT 3 minutes away from Raffles Place MRT...

    Could you ask for an even better location?

    And Lastly... Join Us In Our Brand NEW,
    Cosy Office!

    Zion Global Marketing is not just a young company, but we are a FAST-growing team of unique individuals!

    Our accomplishments have landed us a brand NEW office - designed to be cosy, inspiring... and simply a GREAT place to work in!

    With a swanky new office... a great location... and an AWESOME team to work with, what more could you ask for?

    Career Requirements
    • Good command in English (both written and spoken)
    • Skilled in writing clear, concise and grammatically correct content
    • Has past experience in writing content for online or offline publications
    • Ability to perform independent market research of topic and target audience
    • Able to multi-task and work independently as well as in a team
    • Ability to strategize social and viral marketing initiatives
    • Able to start work immediately

    How To Join The Team

    Contact Details

    Think you're a right fit for the job?

    If you are looking for a new working experience, and are interested to join a fast growing digital marketing firm...

    Do email us at:

    Please include this in your subject line: "APPLICATION FOR CONTENT MARKETER".

    Fresh graduates are welcome to apply!

    Emails with resume attached will have immediate consideration.