Hi! We're Zion Global Marketing, a fast-growing digital marketing company in Singapore...
Our family is made up of young, driven individuals (everyone's under the age of 35!) and even though we're young, that didn't stop us from growing this company into a multi-million dollar one in just a few years...
 No business can succeed in any great degree without being properly organised."
Which is why we need a responsible and organised individual to help manage & coordinate our accounts, in order to keep our company's growth on track...

So, we're currently on the hunt for a full-time ACCOUNTS EXECUTIVE to join our awesome family!
If This Is You...
I signed up as an executive but they taught me SO MUCH more than what was within my job function.
I literally had zero experience when I signed up to be an Executive. 

But after all the intensive training I've been put through...I can launch fully functional marketing campaigns with my eyes closed!

Marketing wasn't the only thing I learnt. I was also given many opportunities to pitch a sale, plan a mega-event, give personal consultations to SMEs and even... Conduct a training in a class full of business owners!

And I've only been here for only a year and half! Feeling super empowered as an entrepreneur now!
Here's What You'll Be Doing As An Accounts Executive
Preparation Of Quarterly GST Reports & Monthly Payroll Services

You'll be handling, preparing and filing quarterly GST reports & performing monthly payroll services

Handle Full Set Of Accounts (AP, AR, GL) & Bank Reconciliation Using Xero Software

You'll be handling a full set of accounts, daily accounting functions (including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & General Ledger), and bank reconciliation

Day-To-Day Accounting Duties

You'll be ensuring that all invoices and receipts are posted to books in a timely and accurate manner, on a daily basis

Client Management

You'll be liaising with clients and customers and fostering a positive relationship with them to provide the GOLD standard of customer service & experience

Preparation & Handling Of Payments, Receipts & Invoices

You'll be in charge of issuing cash & cheque payments, invoices & credit notes to customers and companies, interbank transfers and depositing cash and cheques

Data Entry, Filing & Other Administrative Duties

You'll be responsible for performing accurate data entry, and other important administrative duties such as maintaining files and documentation meticulously

Admin & Accounts Executive
I've been exposed to countless AMAZING opportunities to pick up new and valuable skills
When I first joined, I thought this would be just another ordinary corporate job.

I never expected that I'd enjoy coming to work everyday, and it's all because of the warm, encouraging and positive group of people who surround me!

Although I applied to be an admin & accounts executive, I was also exposed to a TON of eye-opening experiences, like when I met global icon Sir Richard Branson & Mary Buffett!

I've been with Zion Global Marketing for 1 year now, and I can confidently say that the ZGM experience is truly EXTRAORDINARY...

All the life-changing skills, knowledge and experiences I've accumulated here at ZGM will definitely stick with me for life! 
Here's More You Should Know About Us Before You Come Onboard!
Here's a picture of our crazily passionate team at a mega-event we solely marketed & organized for in Singapore this 2017, featuring The Virgin Group Founder, Sir Richard Branson
At Zion Global Marketing, we have our eyes set on the international stage. We collaborate with global icons and celebrities in impactful events, to empower people one country at a time.
We don't just have a presence in Singapore. Over the past few years, we've marketed and organized events in...
USA | Switzerland | Sweden | Denmark | Finland | Norway | Austria | Hong Kong | Philippines | Taiwan | Thailand | Malaysia
...To name a few countries (And we're adding a lot more to the list!)
Sir Richard Branson, Mary Buffett, Vishen Lakhiani, Daniel Ong and Michelle Chong are some of the celebrities we've worked with so that means you'll the chance to work with other celebs in the future when you join us!
 While we're all 100% committed to what we do here at Zion Global Marketing...

There's ONE thing that makes everything we do worthwhile.

Just watch the video below to see how hard we...PLAY!
Yes, As You Know We Work Very Hard Here...
 But We Also Believe In Rewarding Our Team With These Perks!
Our events team have been a part of ground-breaking events WORLDWIDE.

We've already marketed in more than 10 different countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden etc....And we're dying to reach out to more territories.

Get the chance to experience what it's like to bring our events overseas and yes, you'll be given the opportunity to TRAVEL!
    Get Real Projects & Work Alongside Global Celebrities

    As an accounts executive at Zion Global Marketing, you'll also be given opportunities to pick up new skills, such as getting involved in the planning and execution of large-scale, profitable events.

    This means that you’ll be working with some of the world’s most extraordinary people (Yes - that's Sir Richard Branson in the photo)

    We've worked closely with other influential people and celebrities like Michelle Chong, Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley and Robert G. Allen....

    Now, how many people can honestly say that?

    Personally Mentored By The Industry's Best
    You'll be personally mentored by experience entrepreneurs and we'll show you the ropes to building a highly successful million dollar business from scratch.

    The shear number of eye-opening experiences and a-ha moments that you'll get during your time with us will be NOTHING compared to what you'll get elsewhere (We promise you this)

    And when you do eventually move on to greater things in life, we are absolutely sure the entrepreneurial mindsets and strategies you learnt from us can help you achieve your goals.
    Real Learning Opportunities And The Chance To Lead The Company
    At Zion Global Marketing, we believe in empowering every individual to grow to their fullest potential.

    We will play to your strengths and provide you the stepping stones to successfully achieve your goals.

    You can expect accelerated career growth here as an aspiring entrepreneur and events organizer...

    ...And you'll get very frequent opportunities to step up and rise to a leadership position very quickly!
    Be Part Of A DYNAMIC "Work Hard Play Hard" Team

    At Zion Global Marketing, we value two things above everything else...

    Our staff, and our company culture!

    You can expect to be surrounded by positive, supportive and encouraging individuals who make up the core of the company.

    Young (at heart) and hardworking, we know how to deliver results... and at the same time have a blast doing so!

    Sales Manager
    Said NO to multiple job offers from MNCs to head my own Sales team here
    When I graduated, I brutally rejected many job offers from big companies because I knew Zion would provide me a better stepping ground to reach my entrepreneurial goals.

    And I was right!

    I've only been a full-timer here for 7 months and I was already given the opportunity to be in-charge of planning a 1,300 pax event featuring Sir Richard Branson despite my young age.

    If I had chosen a different path, I bet I would never in a million years have gotten that very same opportunity somewhere else!
    Be Part Of A Driven Team That OVERDELIVERS...
     & Celebrates Together!

    Want to know the secret to our success?

    Our driven team of talented individuals always strive to OVERDELIVER in everything we do!

    From running an event, to maintaining great relationships with clients, to even a friendly game of Poker...

    We always give it our all, so that we can CELEBRATE our success together as a team!

    Be A Positive Impact To THOUSANDS

    At Zion Global Marketing, we run events that EMPOWER individuals, giving you the ability to positively impact the lives of thousands!

    From educational seminars to content-packed workshops, you can expect to deliver great content. 

    And maybe even.. you can even get to pick up some life-changing skills along the way!

    Work Right In The Heart Of The CBD!

    Be immersed in the hustle-and-bustle of the CBD area!

    With our office right-smack in the middle of Raffles Place, you can definitely expect:

    Convenience... great food... an ideal location... an energizing environment...a SHORT 3 minutes away from Raffles Place MRT...

    Could you ask for an even better location?

    Career Requirements
    • Diploma or Degree in Accountancy/LCCI or other equivalent qualifications
    • Preferably 1-2 years of accounting experience
    •  Proficiency in MS office programs and Xero accounting software
    • Knowledge of GST, accounting standards & regulations for Singapore companies
    • Detail-oriented, with strong analytical skills for financial data
    •  Highly meticulous, responsible and passionate about doing whatever it takes to succeed
    •  A dynamic and motivated individual with good organising abilities, interpersonal and communication skills
    •  Self-driven, enthusiastic about learning new skills and able to work under pressure
    •  Professional person who can confidently work with a variety of people from different cultures and background
    •  Able to start work immediately

    How To Join The Team

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